Crowdsourcing, 4Chan, and the Boston Marathon Bombings

[This post was originally published April 18, 2013, at It has been migrated and updated here.]

I was on a HuffPo Live segment today that ties in somewhat to a post I made over at the Culture Digitally blog yesterday. Both the video and my blog post deal with the crowdsourcing efforts of communities at 4chan and Reddit to annotate photos and videos from the Boston Marathon bombing.

Me pretending to make an "I'm thinking deeply about this question" face. (click to go to the video)

Me pretending to make an “I’m thinking deeply about this question” face. (click image to see video)

Is there a future for a national crowdsourcing platform run by the government to bring the public into the investigation process in the wake of crises? I say yes. Read more about my argument in my Culture Digitally post, “The Boston Marathon Bombings, 4Chan’s Think Tank, and a Modest Proposal for an Emergency Crowdsourced Investigation Platform.”


Incidentally, the HuffPo Live format, which uses Google Hangouts for guests, is interesting. It’s up-to-the-minute and not quite as polished as most news programs, but it’s relevant and worked overall. Unfortunately, though, a bit of irony as they misspelled my Twitter handle as I spoke about shifting journalistic standards. (click image to see video)


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